So you guys have been quiet….

20 02 2012

Yes- we have. The End.

Only joking…well about the end part anyway! ☺

Hello, howdy, and good day and good evening. Nice to know your eyes are going from left to right on our very page…thanks for that! ☺

How are you? We have missed you…have you missed us? Probably not. Aah well…
This is just a quick post just to let you know we re very much still around. Just in the developmental stages of a project that may take us a while to get started, but trust me- if it all works out it will be worth the wait. * does excited dance- would be the azonto, but we can’t do that properly yet so maybe the running man?- yea we old skool! *

Meanwhile we are still doing stuff individually, so keep up to date by subscribing to our youtube and vimeo channels ( and of course our group page if you haven’t already ) and see the stuff we do on the side…☺

Shout outs to Michaela Coel (formerly Michaela the poet) who has been working very hard on her album which is due for release later this year. Check out the teaser for the highs and lows of making an album. Check out the youtube channel for the rest…:-)



Also shout outs to a good friend of Iydlit’s who wrote a little something on Christianity and homelessness.


Last shout out to Songwriter Jessica Reece, beautiful songs, beautiful voice. check her out some more on the channel too!


Happy New Year by the way…not really sure how long into the new year you are allowed to say that before it is weird…but hey!




Well, well, well… looky what we have here!

11 12 2010

It’s us….(well me…Sadie… Oh how we have missed you! What have you been up to? How are you spending Christmas? WHATS UP???!!

Lol. Excuse my excitement- I’m tired as well…don’t even know why I’m excited! Lol.

This is a short one (hopefully) to bring you 2 things

1)   Is the BRAND SPANKING NEW Video Changes, by Gospel MC Presha J. IYdlits latest Production….Check it out- it’s a goody…we all worked really hard on it and had a fantastic team, so it would be good if we could support everyone’s efforts (and if you’re wondering where you can get changes watch the promo too! Lol)

2)   Just wanted to clear a few things up about the name IYDLIT. It stands for If You Don’t Like It Tough….NOW….I had a mix up with a client in the past where I sent an email with the Iydlit signature at the bottom saying if you don’t like it tough (our name remember) to which the client was unaware and thought I was saying ‘if you don’t like it tough’ to them in regards to the subject matter of the email…when I explained the name of our company to them they were still annoyed and then proceeded to ask what kind of name this was and that is quite an offensive and we should CHANGE IT! I thought this rather funny at the time as I thought –1) you are working with us and you don’t know our name?  2) ermm…yh…OK!!

So I just thought I’d clear up this name thing- IT IS NOT in an attempt to be rude..,even though Precious will probably have a different opinion of what the name means to her, how it came about etc, I shall tell you what it means to me…

In uni, I always felt like my ideas were rejected in most group settings…this could have been because I was black, coz I was a bit weird, because I was from London, because I was a Christian maybe because I didn’t speak up enough or even –that my ideas were just not good…in any case I just felt unheard.  My ideas tended to be based on my experiences and my experiences tended to balance around the fact that I am all of those things that I just mentioned.  I kind of got accustomed to this role in my uni groups and accepted that the ‘cool’ ‘popular’ students would always be the ones whose ideas would get made and adored and I almost became ashamed to be who I was or make films etc about the things I wanted to say for fear of rejection….FAST FORWARD to the end of uni evaluating what kind of jobs we were going to get, the kind of career we were going to have…and then spiraling into the reality that it is very likely that the very same people that I was being made to feel inferior to at uni were the very same people that it would be likely I would be being employed by…airgo a lifetime of feeling low….then came the light bulb

“Hey Precious, why don’t we just start our own company?…’’

“*looks up at me*….OK’

looool, and just like that, we were 2 similar people feeling like we could be ourselves again…OUR OWN COMPANY…were we could be FREE TO BE BLACK, WEIRD,GEEKY,FEMALE, CHRISTIANS and whatever else we were as individuals with all of the stories and experiences that would accompany that incorporated into the stories that WE wanted to TELL through Film, tv, music, video, documentaries…. whatever!

In a media world dominated by white, middle class, males….there would be no more having to tone our own personalities down….free to be ourselves…saying yes its fine to be all of these things…and its fine to talk about them and…IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT-TOUGH!!!

And that is that….no rudeness…just freedom.

Hope this helps if you ever wondered….




P.s This was not intention to offend….

P.P.s I forgot to say- WE ARE NOT A MINISTRY either…Just people that happen to share a certain faith and it may at times be reflected in our work. This is not to say we are trying to hide our faith or be lukewarm, but this was never intended to be a ministry- merely a business/creative outlet that we can share on. There have since been other members of IYDLIT that have different faiths/beliefs. There may be certain stories we tell in film that may depict characters/story lines that may not be based on christian morals/beliefs at all- but it is all to tell a story! That is the business of what we do. We have had the privilege of working with a lot of gospel artists which has been great, but this is not all we will do! So if you ever see our work and it doesn’t have a Christian message- don’t think we’ve backslidden- or are abandoning our “calling”- IYDLIT was never meant to be ministry, it was meant to be our career- like becoming a doctor or a dentist…..

now that really is it….


Mrs Butterworth’s Maple Syrup…

16 02 2010

…On my pancakes that is! I actually prefer Aunt Jemima’s though. (I’ll get back to that in a moment)

Hello Iydlit blog folowers! (Sadie and me) I was on a blogging roll today with my own blog so I thought I’d show Iydlit some love too!

Sooo… I have no idea what to blog about. Well, to further Sadie’s last post, we shot the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Jay Ess a couple of weeks ago. It went really well and was a fun shoot. I’m in the process of starting the edit right now. The footage looks good but I don’t wanna give too much more away, cause that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?! We’ve got a few other things in the pipeline too, so things are looking up!

Let’s get back to the title of this post – it’s pancake day today and for the 5th year running, it looks like I’m not gonna get any pancakes! And anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE me some pancakes! I might just make myself some actually…. Hmmm…. YUM! But yes, on the debate of Mrs Butterworths or Aunt Jemima’s – The reason I prefer Aunt J’s is because that’s what’s in my cupboard. So no diss to Mrs B but although you may be more popular, you just didn’t make it to my shelf, did you my dear?

You’ve probably been warned that we’re a random bunch, especially when no specific subject has been set to write about – there’s no telling what you’ll get when that happens! At least we keep you entertained eh?

Ok, I’m totally rambling now so I think I’m going to call it a day on my first blog post. Sorry Sadie, it doesn’t quite measure up to your eloquent musings, but for now, it will have to do.

I bid you farewell, fine readers. May you have a blessed day/week/month because who knows when our next post will be?! 🙂

The blog today was brought to you by the letters A, M, B, E and R which stand for Amber. Aka Amber Phresh from Phresh Mentality (You know what time it is – Shameless plug time!)

Keep it Phresh! And don’t forget – if you don’t like it, TOUGH! (we still love ya tho!)

Yo yo yo…whats good everyone?!

14 01 2010

Soooo as you can see the other members of IYDLIT FLOPPED on the bloggin ting! But I’m gonna try my best to keep you all informed of our whatsabouts (not whereabouts! Lol) So basically, we have quite a few things coming up…We finished the filming of Michaela’s fixing Barbie launch, which is now in edit. Jay Ess is releasing his album Genesis snapshots (Out March 1st) which we are about to film an EPK for- so watch this space for the finished product! Go cop the album aswell- if you pre-order its £8, as opposed to £10 on the launch or £12.99 at hmv! This will then be followed by the Jesus is my logo advert and then Presha J’s music video! So all in all very excited and very busy! All this in between us having jobs/internships and the like! But yes- the Gospel scene is on the move, I’m seeing bigger and better things all the time from mc’s singers poets and film makers- which is overly exciting as it means the Kingdom of God is able to reach more people in more creative ways and the higher standards mean that people take it seriously which is great!

So yes I am going to shamelessly going to bombard you with links/videos and the like to get you prepared for all the exciting things to come…hope you enjoy…

Till next time



Hello world!

12 08 2009

We are here! I to the Y to the D-L-I-T…sing it with me now (hold tight for the IYDLIT theme tune. coming soon to an ear near you! lol)

So, let me introduce myself, my name is Sadie- part of the IYDLIT feminati! I am co-founder/CEO of the production company IYDLIT. This is our blog (havn’t thought of a name for it yet) , here you’ll find posts about us and what we are doing and they’ll come from either me. Precious or Amber who I am sure will introduce themselves in due time. BUT- it was me who got in there first and took the blogs first post mwahahahaha!

(Yes i should warn you that my grammer, spelling, punctuation, general ability to focus on one topic is very questionable. I am also quite weird and do things like say mwahahahahaha- You’ll learn to work with

So, thus begins the start of our blogging journey and what can I say, we have a LOT to learn. Its kinda overwhelming at times the amount of work, determination, planning and just sheer interest and passion that goes into making a business and there are ups and downs, but I am so excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are currently in post production for Michaela’s album launch ‘Fixing Barbie’ and in pre production for the new Jesus is my Logo promo for their new website, both of which shall be awesome. We are working with tre cool people so its a nice stage in life at the minute.

We are also looking around for funding to get equipment etc as nothing in this world is free- especially in tv! (slogan?…lol) so that we can jet ahead with all these ideas we have brimming around in our heads!

We have just finished a promotional video for my church’s musical production called The Sower which i better see you all at! I have seen the rehersals and all i can say is woah, its gonna be fire! check it out:



Anyway this was just a quick hello and update, no doubt I’ll be back soon letting you know what else we are up to.


Till next time